Over the last couple of years the industry has changed drastically and we too often hear negative comments from both sales representatives and retailers.  We agree, the industry is not what it once was in the good old days but it is not a lost cause either.  With the way things are now, we need to work harder, stay as passionate as ever and we promise you, it will come back around one day.   It is important to help each other out as opposed to all working in seclusion.   

Often times, our clients do not have enough time and are unable to visit each agency one by one, a hundred times a season and even less time to fly out to Vancouver or the States to be at a Trade Show.  So why not make this simpler for everyone?  This is a question we have been asking ourselves for years and has led us to take the lead and start a Trade Show in Montreal that will make our industry stronger for customers, reps and companies. 

Our goal in all of this is to have a show for the East Coast customers, this will be a beneficial investment for everyone.  We really think that bringing all the industry together twice a year is very important to keep your business healthy.

"The Frog" is mostly known for its incredible skills which is something we do pretty often in our field of action sports. Frogs are also capable of living in the water or on dry grounds. This is a common interest seeing as we too love practicing our passion in similar conditions.

Frogs are one of the most widespread and diverse animals on this planet, adapting to any type of weather and situation in order to protect themselves. Our industry is very similar in the way that it too can adapt and follow along side the trends to keep up with the business.